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Shanghai BMT Automation Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of machine vision LED light source, offers you wide range of LED illumination products with excellent quality, cost performance and service. High end product line and economic product line will meet the needs of different applications so as to offer much flexibility with our own intellectual property. Main standard product categories have CE certification and RoHS compliance. Furthermore, special designed LED light can be made upon request applied for different condition such as various IP protection.

OEM products and quick custom-made service are available.


Ring light

Bar light and 4 direction adjustable bar ligh

Low-angle shadowless square light

High illumination direct lighting back light

Ultra-slim light conducting back light

Coaxil light

Flat light

Dome light

AOI light

e-lit series light


Dual/single channel digital power source

Strobe flash power source

At the mean time, we would supply custom made LED lights according to specific characteristic of object being inspected, working distance, lighting angle and field of vision.

The LED lights can be widely used in image identification, on-line inspection and malfunction monitoring of industries of food, pharmacy, light industry, textile, machinery, military industry, electronic and packaging.

You are warmly welcome to the cooperation between us.

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